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10th Nov 2016
You would be forgiven this week for forgetting that the next climate change talks are happening with all the other stories that have been dominating the media.
9th Nov 2016
Source: Tillage magazine, Marion King, 5.11.16
7th Nov 2016
By unlocking carbon credit markets, first of its kind methodology looks to boost financing for smallholder farms, green the livestock sector. 
7th Nov 2016
The information below comes from a new paper that has just been published in Soil Journal and looks at the importance of soil fauna in the movement and cycling (dynamics) of soil organic matter.
2nd Nov 2016
A free event taking place in Liskeard with Catchment Sensitive Farming looking at the When, Whys and Hows of Land Drainage.
2nd Nov 2016
Practice Brief - Climate smart agriculture, Improved ruminant genetics
3rd Oct 2016
An Introduction to Holistic Management with specific focus on Financial and Grazing Planning with Tony McQuail, and Rob Havard