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26th Aug 2014
In recent years benchmarking has been seen of paramount importance in improving the performance of UK agriculture.
18th Aug 2014
So following on from the introductory blog last week, this week’s blog is a little bit more detail on the newly released
8th Aug 2014
The old adage of you can’t manage what you don’t measure is the underlying message for this month’s theme.
6th Aug 2014
RegenAG UK promotes the use of tools and techniques which regenerate the triple bottom line of farming; net productivity, the ecosystems that relies on, and the people involved with and
5th Aug 2014
GHG emissions from dairy production systems have a large impact on agriculture’s carbon footprint, with approximately 20% of the industry’s emissions attributable to dairy production.
26th Jul 2014
Our message about good soil management has just spread a little but further with an article in Resurgence and Ecologist written by FCCT Director Jonathan Smith.
23rd Jul 2014
So this week, I am fortunate enough to be spending my time at the Royal Welsh Show.
14th Jul 2014
Central to the debate around climate change and agriculture has been livestock
14th Jul 2014
The SOLID project is an EU wide initiative that is concerned with promoting sustainable dairy production.
11th Jul 2014
Enteric emissions and respiration in the form of methane, together with the losses from manures and land use changes comprise the majority of livestock related greenhouse gas emissions.  Technologi