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Welcome to our news page. Keep up with news from the farm, the latest developments in sustainability, and other relevant articles and pieces of information that we feel like throwing your way!

3rd Jul 2014
So the theme that we are going to be looking at here at FCCT this month (while h
1st Jul 2014
The link below is to a video produced in the US by the USDA National Technology Support centre and looks at the issues surrounding cover cropping and its fit into current cropping practices.
27th Jun 2014
What is a green manure?
18th Jun 2014
With increasing legislation in terms of chemicals permitted to control soilborne pests, any cultural options that can help improve yields and reduce pest and disease levels ins always advantageous.
13th Jun 2014
Cereals has been on this week, and as such the spotlight is shining on new Research and Development projects that are running (as well as lots of shiny new kit to look at!).
12th Jun 2014
Below is a link to an interesting video that pinged into the FCCT inbox this week from Controlled Traffic Farming Europe about the use of cover crops in controlled traffic farming systems.
5th Jun 2014
So following on with this month’s theme of cover cropping, I have come acros
28th May 2014
This month here at FCCT we will be looking at the subject of cover crops
23rd May 2014
So as the month of blogs looking at fertilisers and fertility draws to an end, it seemed like a good time to lo
16th May 2014
Back in March when we hosted out soil carbon event, we were introduced to Richard Page and his innovative new project Carbon Prophet.