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Welcome to our news page. Keep up with news from the farm, the latest developments in sustainability, and other relevant articles and pieces of information that we feel like throwing your way!

15th May 2014
The inaugural field lab event on practical measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farms took place last week (6th May) on FCCT director Adam Twine’s farm near Swindon.
12th May 2014
So following on from the blog last week about fertility building and the use of legumes, as promised this week I am going to have a
8th May 2014
The values of organic manures produced by livestock to our farming systems is undisputed.
2nd May 2014
Farmers can now apply for the second phase of Defra's
1st May 2014
The negative environmental effects associated with the use of inorganic Nitrogen fertiliser and their increasing costs mean that alternative options for food production in the long term may be need
25th Apr 2014
FCCT are teaming up with the Soil Association to host a Field Lab looking at practical ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on-farm.
24th Apr 2014
Using organic manures as a nutrient source to reduce artificial fertiliser requirements and improve soil structure is a common practice on many livestock farms.
22nd Apr 2014
FCCT director Jonathan Smith who grows organic vegetables on the Isles of Scilly has written an article on living with climate change for the Transition Network.
17th Apr 2014
So its time for the monthly to change again here at FCCT.
8th Apr 2014
Last month we held our Soil Carbon Masterclass. For those of you that couldn't make it, we've got loads of resources from the event for you to look at: