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3rd Apr 2014
Following on from the blogs over the last few weeks on different tillage options and fuel saving strategies, here at FCCT we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some case studies of farmer
3rd Apr 2014
With the economic and environmental problems concerning the dependence of our society on petroleum products, comes and increasing pressure on agricultural viability and for very good reasons: fuel
1st Apr 2014
Yesterday, (31st March) an international group of climate scientists working for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) re
28th Mar 2014
Tillage has received considerable attention from researchers and policy makers concerned with climate change mitigation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  As farmers and growers we have choice
20th Mar 2014
At this time of year, with the weather finally on the turn, and a spell of dry days, fields have been buzzing with tractors out spreading fertiliser.  Within conventional agriculture, fertiliser is
17th Mar 2014
The March newsletter from FCCT is available now.
13th Mar 2014
Theme of the month: Tillage
7th Mar 2014
An earlier FCCT blog highlighted the exciting Soil Carbon Coalition in America which was working hard to build organic matter levels in
28th Feb 2014
At the moment, with all the CAP reshuffling there are lots of discussions going on nationally about future funding.
24th Feb 2014
Permanent grassland and leys have become the focus of attention for proponents of carbon sequestration in soils.