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16th Sep 2013
The hottest days in the south of England are now 2 degrees hotter than they were 60 years ago, while the north east sees 10% fewer nights below freezing, according to new research.
5th Sep 2013
A global average temperature rise of 1 degree Celsius could reduce wheat crop yields by 21%, say researchers from Kansas State University.
26th Aug 2013
This is an excerpt for an interesting article in the Guardian, arguing that climate change is essentially a 'risk management failure' on a global scale.
14th Aug 2013
An organic farm producing vegetable boxes has unveiled a plan to build an environmentally-friendly power generator fuelled by 6,500 tonnes of waste, reports the 
8th Aug 2013
Land is not being used to its best advantage according to a new study by Professor Unai Pascual from the Basque Centre for Climate Change and a team of environmental economists from Europe.
29th Jul 2013
An arable farmer in Surrey shares his experiences of the hot weather's effects on his crops.
24th Jul 2013
Crop rotation is a method of farming that can trace its roots back to Roman times and beyond.
17th Jul 2013
There could be a significant shortfall between water demand and supply for farming by the 2020s, a new report has found.
3rd Jul 2013
Smartphone apps, those bits of software helping you do all sorts of things on your phone, are all around us in modern life and have revolutionised the way we work, rest and play.  Now, they look se