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Welcome to our news page. Keep up with news from the farm, the latest developments in sustainability, and other relevant articles and pieces of information that we feel like throwing your way!

19th Jun 2013
  Adam Twine, a founder and director of the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit, has been nominated for the 2013 Farmers Weekly Awards Green Farmer of the Year.
17th Jun 2013
Soil helps to store a third of the carbon on Earth, so using cover crops to keep more of that carbon underground could help farmers of all kinds to slow the pace of climate change.
11th Jun 2013
Trees have so many benefits on farms, from wildlife habitat to source of timber, aesthetic value and carbon absorbers.
5th Jun 2013
A dairy farm in Devon is benefiting from two 11kW wind turbines, making a good return on investment and helping to support the income of the farm.  
15th Mar 2013
The new Farm Carbon Calculator has some new case studies of farmers and growers who have used this tool to calculate their carbon emissions and carbon sequestration.
7th Aug 2012
Useful resource highlights practical sustainable farming measures and others' success
11th Feb 2012
Read about the FCCT event Saving Resources, Saving Emissions here.
2nd Mar 2011
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