Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones is a Farm carbon and soils adviser with the Farm Carbon Toolkit. Hannah has previously coordinated and carried out research projects spanning herbal leys, arable systems, cover crops and field vegetables. Her role has been to coordinate farm-based trials by working closely with farmers and agricultural businesses to optimise the impact and applicability of the research. She has taken this experience and is contributing to the developing project portfolio of FCT. Her work includes bespoke trials which feed into the Farm Carbon Calculator, the advisory work and knowledge transfer. Her interests and drive focus around the business and environmental sustainability of farms, and her favourite days include discussing innovations on farm around a kitchen table!

She has a PhD in plant pathology from Oxford University, a degree in plant sciences from Birmingham University, a Masters in postgraduate teaching from the University of Reading, and is FACTS qualified. Hannah has taught crop sciences at Duchy College and the University of Reading, supervised 10 PhD students, and various masters and undergraduate students. She has contributed to a range of refereed papers relating to organic farming systems, wheat breeding, herbal leys, climate change effects on crops and plant breeding for diversity. 

Location: South West

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