Farm Carbon Toolkit teams up with LiveTrace

Integration with Livetrace will allow automated carbon footprinting of the potato sector.

Farm Carbon Toolkit is delighted to announce the development of an integration between LiveTrace and the Farm Carbon Calculator softwares, underpinned by our longstanding collaboration with Mercian Ltd, the UK’s largest supplier of Crisping Potatoes. 

Farm Carbon Toolkit is using its years of experience in Carbon footprinting to support carbon calculations on LiveTrace’s existing platform, bringing additional insights to the crisping potato supply chain and building on the joined-up approach LiveTrace provides for the industry.

Photo:  Kai Oberhäuser, Unsplash

Farm Carbon Toolkit’s Calculator Development Manager Dr. Lizzy Parker explains the motivation behind the collaboration.

“For over a decade, the Farm Carbon Calculator has supported farmers to understand their business through a carbon lens. Farmers are all at different stages on their carbon journey, but we believe an important first step is to get farmers thinking about the options they have to reduce emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere. By working with LiveTrace to bring insight to farmers who are already collecting the bulk of the data they need to calculate their carbon footprint, we can support a significant proportion of the industry to understand its role in reducing emissions“

We have worked closely with Mercian Ltd to improve our calculator for one of the most important agricultural sectors in the UK. We’re now excited to see how a more seamless user experience will support more farmers and their customers to engage with action to reduce emissions.”

“As the largest supplier of crisping potatoes in the UK we felt the time was right to take the initiative” explains Jon Kemp, Director of Livetrace. “The input we received from Farm Carbon Toolkit has been both professional and very much inspirational for us. This has led to a joint approach that is building our understanding of the carbon intensity within the crisping potato supply chain. We have leveraged the data which is already being collected by the LiveTrace software as part of the everyday farming activities, together with FCT’s expertise to understand the carbon impact and guide farmers to more sustainable practices. 

We are truly hoping that technology such as this will help the UK potato industry play its part in the positive changes which are taking place across agriculture. “

About the Farm Carbon Toolkit 

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We created one of the first tools (Farm Carbon Calculator) to audit GHG emissions on farm in 2011 and were one of the first to include carbon removals as well as emissions within our audit.

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