Farming For Profit Course

This three day course ‘Farming For Profit‘, ran by Precision Grazing is designed to help farmers better manage their grazing, leading to more profitable and resilient businesses.

Recent input cost inflation combined with the planned reduction in direct subsidies means the viability of many farm businesses is under threat.  Farmers who manage their grazing well can significantly reduce their use of purchased feed, nitrogen fertiliser and labour whilst maintaining productivity leading to a more profitable and resilient business. 

Now is the time to ask: “Are we running a business or subsidising a hobby”?  

Since 2016 Precision Grazing have helped 100s of businesses successfully improve their grazing management and they have learnt a lot along the way.  This course includes their key lessons and is designed to fast-track your success and your journey to achieve a profitable, resilient and enjoyable farming business. 

Precision Grazing believes that taking a “forage first” approach is essential for every commercial livestock farming business.  Whilst many farmers have started on this journey, perhaps by changing genetics, few have properly committed to it, often not knowing where to start. or for fear of getting it wrong. 

This course is designed to change that! It will give you an action plan to implement grazing management across the business with a programme of technical and practical skills providing the confidence to make changes at home.   

Key Benefits

  • Evaluate your current livestock enterprises and calculate the “optimal” stocking rate for your farm.  
  • Learn how to feed budget which will help to guide your decision-making during the year. 
  • Understand how to simplify your livestock enterprises without compromising on performance.
  • Design grazing systems for your farm and get help with solving challenges like access to water.
  • Learn the essential practical skills of pasture measurement, grazing management, electric fencing and livestock management to successfully implement this approach on your farm.
  • Create a plan to implement changes and see benefits personally and financially within the first 6 months. 

Who’s it for?

Farmers or farm workers (Beef &/or Sheep) who want to improve their business profitability and resilience.  Anyone attending the course should have the authority and willingness to make changes in their business. 

Each business can bring up to 2 people and it is encouraged that both partners attend or if farming with family at least one of each generation. 

To find out more and apply:

Visit the event website here to find out details on:

  • How to apply
  • Cost
  • Location
  • What’s covered
  • Course tutors
  • How it is run

Although this course is not run by Farm Carbon Toolkit, we do work with James Daniel from Precision Grazing and this is set to be a great course.