An exciting opportunity to turn your ideas into reality

Westmill Farm is looking for the right person(s) to take forward and further develop the pioneering environmental and social work it has achieved in the last 40 years.

If you already have the ability and the experience of managing a farm and are looking for an opportunity to invest your ideas, time and capital into developing your own land based enterprise with the opportunity to either share farm or take on a tenancy AND are committed to cutting edge of environmental and the social aspects of agriculture but need land to allow you to put your ideas into practise – this opportunity at Westmill farm is a chance to do just that.


Westmill farm is located near Watchfield, on the Oxon/Wilts border, SN6 8TH.

It is a 480 acre holding. The majority of the land has been farmed organically for the last 30 years with 145 acres that is conventional arable and has been managed with Regen-ag principles since 2016.

Alongside the organic and conventional arable crops there is a small pasture fed suckler herd of 40 cows with the (progressively more Shorthorn) accompanying youngstock that are finished on the farm.

There are also 60 acres of land that is managed specifically for environmental benefits, some within and some outside a stewardship agreement.

The farm is currently managed by Adam Twine with very occasional help from contractors and neighbours.

Westmill is a highly diversified farm that has initiated several award winning low carbon and social enterprises and now supports mosaic of independent horticultural, forestry and craft businesses.  This has evolved from the current tenancy that has balanced long term environmental and social wealth with the production of high quality food and commercial requirements. Westmill farm is now looking for a new person(s) who will bring their energy and commitment to a similar set of values to further develop the farm and take it forwards.

The Process

To help take Westmill forwards into a post BPS world that values food production alongside enhancing farm biodiversity and reducing GHG emissions and fossil fuel use, while also promoting the social wealth of the farm and the wider community, YOU are invited to submit your proposal for what Westmill would look like and how you would work to achieve that.

All submissions are to be sent to Adam Twine at [email protected] along with a full CV and covering letter by 10th February.

To enable you to get a better understanding of Westmill and its potential and to ask questions there will be two open days at Westmill farm on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th February. To register for an invitation to an open day please contact Adam at [email protected] with details of your farming experience and why you are interested in this opportunity.

If you are unable to come to either of those dates but are keen to visit the farm please email and I’ll try to find a time that works for both of us.

All persons who have submitted their business proposals and CVs will be contacted by 18th February. If your application looks like it has potential for Westmill, you’ll also be invited to submit a fully worked business proposal to be submitted for the 1st March. Those proposals will then be engaged with in more detail and following interviews etc, I hope the successful farmer(s) will invited to join Westmill by the 31st March.

My Offer

A contract of £35 – 45K for the management of the farm will be agreed for the first year.

The first year will be a ‘probationary’ year for both parties to ensure we are both comfortable to commit to a long term partnership. If the first year is going well there will be an expectation from both parties that a share farming agreement will be negotiated or if the new farmer(s) has sufficient capital by that stage to take on a full tenancy, a FBT, for the second or third year. If your proposal included a joint venture, then depending on the timing in the proposal, that will also be progressed.

The incoming farmer(s) will be expected to put their capital into any share farming/joint venture and I may also make capital available for an appropriate new joint venture or for some new farm infrastructure.

A three bedroom cottage on the farm is currently occupied but could be made available.

Your Offer

You will bring your vision and commitment to Westmill and will work towards making that real.

You will also bring your farming expertise and take responsibility for the day to day management of all aspects of the farm; the organic and regen arable, the suckler herd and grassland, the environmental areas and the maintenance of the general farm infrastructure and machinery. I will be available to support but I will expect you to be able to lead and work competently by yourself.

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